China snapshot

Now back from China after exciting time in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing. The exhibition looked great and I gave quite a few artist talks and workshops, was also invited to give a lecture at Shenzhen National Art Museum. More details and pictures to follow soon.

Trace Engines update

I am currently working on the catalogue for the Trace Engines exhibition at the AIP gallery, Redtory art zone, Guangzhou, opening November 20th. Here’s a selection of some of the latest pieces heading to China.

Trace Engines – exhibition and residency in China

I will be artist in residence at the AIP Centre, Guangzhou, China between the 1st and 22nd of November this year. Trace Engines, a solo exhibition of my work, and a collection of recent works on paper will be exhibited at the AIP Gallery in the Redtory Art Zone between the 20th November and 5th January 2016.

AIP gallery entrance

The project has been funded jointly by AIP and the University for the Creative Arts, I will be in conversation about my work at two events on the 21st and 22nd November 2015.

The images below relate to the current work, some of which will be displayed in the exhibition and contained in the supporting artist publication. I’ll post images of exhibition work nearer the time.

描绘引擎·克拉 (Gary·Clough)中国个人展览与艺术驻场

今年11月1日至22日, 我将在中国广州AIP 中心驻场创作。我的个人展览《描绘引擎》(Trace Engines)以及最新的纸上作品集将在广州红专厂艺术区AIP展馆展出。展览于2015年11月20日开幕,并持续至1月5日。




Essaouiran constructs

Drawings produced on a recent trip to Essaouira in Morocco.

Work in progress

Initial series of drawings investigating the potential of established language in the tradition of the portrait bust, silhouette and momento mori. The drawings are a combination of images and graphic systems taken from a range of sources.

Works on paper

GC sketch2

Engine mapping, 2015


Engine series, ink on paper, 2015.

A series of drawings and constructs developed through collage, the final images are produced by destroying the original drawings through a process similar to monoprint – releasing the ink to transpose the image onto another surface as residue, after image or stain. Full set of series images here


Mule, 2015

Mule, 2015