Throughout my career, working at a senior level in both UK and International education systems including China, India, Korea, Taiwan and Japan, the experiences have driven and informed my commitment to inclusivity and cultural diversity and its essential place within Art Education. In my current role as the Head of Programme for the Graduate Diploma in Art and Design at the Royal College of Art, I continue to develop courses and learning strategies to enable students from a range of prior learning backgrounds achieve their full potential.

RCA Drawing Workshop, London

Fun Drawing research, China

Future Labs, Shanghai

GAE – Founding partner and Academic director
Global Arts Education is a transnational education consultancy with offices in London and Shanghai that specialises in developing innovative partnerships and projects with a range of experienced UK university staff, artist groups and creative industry partners. The core of our philosophy is the importance of the student voice and developing students’ understanding of the opportunities and possibilities in arts education and the global creative industries. GAE’s experience is intrinsically linked to the influential and innovative educational approaches to the creative industries within the UK over the past 100 years.
Recent projects include curriculum development with colleges and universities in Shanghai and Beijing, academic staff recruitment and training, online portfolio reviews and guidance, and online short courses and summer schools.

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