Port of Entry

Port of Entry was a solo exhibition held at the Sun Pier House Gallery, Chatham, in August/September 2018.

The exhibition included a range of drawings, prints and cross-stitch embroidery by Gary Clough in response to the different imagery, spaces and locations engaged within his travels to China. 

The images emerge from the habitual practice of drawing that artists use to explore and process the world around them. These drawings, most often contained within the intimate and private spaces of the sketchbook, happen when no one is looking, a form of practice that keeps the muscles of the hand, eyes and imagination working together, constituting a speculative work of re-imagining.

For the first time, Clough created new works using cross-stitch embroidery, borrowing from its tradition as a homespun practice for documenting personalised interpretations of the world and mirroring his use of the sketchbook, a starting point for assimilating the made environment.