Speed of Thought

Speed of Thought: drawing across art, science, architecture, design, music

Contemporary drawing exhibition spanning science, art & design devised & curated by Hand + Young Projects.

15th November – 24th November 2019

Art Academy London, Newington Gallery, The Former Newington Library, 155 Walworth Road, London, SE17 1RS.

I was invited to exhibit two works Vitrine Pile and Vitrine Stack, to the ‘Speed of Thought’ exhibition. The works selected by the curators were residue ink drawings from the Trace Engines series in response to the overarching question and research rationale of this exciting collaboration and project. 

The project developed by curators Alison Hand and Isabel Young presented an investigation into the potential of drawing to speak across boundaries. The exhibition brought practitioners across the fields of science, art, design, architecture and music, expanding the conversation around the practice and purpose of drawing. 

The exhibition researched the language of drawing and how drawing is used to describe, plan and explore spatial and environmental enquiries across different disciplines. Asking what a drawing can be, and who it might be made by, ‘Speed of Thought’ proposed drawing as a mode of thinking, a link between professions, and a platform to disseminate complex findings. Unexpected synergies surface between the work presented, including scientific diagrams, geological field sketches, mapping, sculptural maquettes, architectural proposals, subtraction pattern cutting, scrolls, sketchbooks, tapestry, digital visualisations and speculative works. The title ‘Speed of Thought’ is derived from Isabel Seligman’s British Museum publication ‘Lines of Thought: Drawing from Michelangelo to Now’. 


Jonas Dahlberg, Andrew Bick, Gary Clough, Evy Jokhova, Sigrid Holmwood, Clare Humphries, Neil Morley, Sharon Leahy-Clark, Lee Triming, Julian Wild, Simon Hitchens, Beňat Olaberria, Rob Pepper, Catherine Morland, Simon Leahy-Clark, Julian Roberts & Mari Bendeliani, James McWilliam, Matthew Genge, Suzie Hingley-Wilson, Mark S Sephton, Lewis Dartnell, David Rothery, Stephen Wolfram, L David Mech, Martha Schwartz Partners, Benz Kotzen, Steve Jensen, Architype, Office for Subversive Architecture, Intelligent Mobility Design Centre (Royal College of Art), Studio Polpo, SAM Architects, Neil Spiller, Alison Hand & Isabel Young. Contributors are associated with various institutions, including: Imperial College, University of Surrey, University of Westminster, Open University, Wolfram Research, U.S. Geological Survey.

The exhibition was funded by Art Academy London & the Royal College of Art.