Painters + Collection 2021

Painters + Collection 2021 opened on the 12th of June at the Nakata Museum in Onimichi, Japan.

Painters + Collection 2021, curated by Yuko Kunichika is an exhibition that presents the work of 21 artists from Japan, Korea, Mexico and the UK alongside the museum’s collection of 19th and 20th-century paintings.

I was invited to exhibit two works from the Vitrine series, works on paper developed in response to travels and residences in East Asia, and the process of collecting and archiving the observed and the remembered.

The act of painting is one of the human activities that has continued since ancient times, and the “painting” produced by this act has been the most widely loved of all art forms.
In addition to depicting stories, reproducing visions seen in front of the eyes or imagined in the head, focusing on the material aspect, or aiming to expand definition of painting, a great variety of expressions can be seen on the paintings. 

This exhibition is composed of paintings of various artists active not only in Japan but also abroad, together with Nakata museum’s collection of modern paintings.

This exhibition brings together paintings that transcend national borders and time periods. We hope that you will experience the freedom and richness of the paintings and the joy of looking at them.

Nakata Museum