In Session: Publishing Self

Publishing self was a 40 minute discussion around the nature and positioning of the portfolio as a tool and platform.

Creating a progression portfolio can be a mystifying experience. How do you create a compelling narrative about you? This talk brings together Gary Clough, Richard Nash and renowned graphic designer and publisher Tony Brook to discuss their individual practices and parallels between the progression portfolio and art & design publishing. This is an opportunity to join Gary, Richard and Tony in a conversation that draws on aspects of publishing, art direction, editorial design, curation and critical writing. Hear some of their ‘trade secrets’ and then interact with them to ask your own questions.

Tony Brook
Founding partner / Creative Director, Spin and Unit Editions

Brook founded SPIN, the creative output of a London-based studio, which has been rotating between the poles of art and design since 1992. Along with Patricia Finegan and Adrian Shaughnessy, Tony is a founding partner and the Creative Director of Unit Editions, an independent publishing imprint for an international audience of designers, design students and followers of visual culture.

Gary Clough
Head of Programme, Graduate Diploma, Royal College of Art

Gary Clough has over 25 years experience in the higher education sector, with a specialist focus in international and transnational education. Gary’s research interests focus on the use of drawing as a catalyst for the augmenting, assimilating and constructing visual narrative archives. The sketchbook is a key element within his practice and process and is linked to a series of international pedagogic research projects.

Richard Nash
Tutor (Research), Graduate Diploma, Royal College of Art

Richard Nash has over 20 years experience in the creative industries as a researcher and academic as well as a practicing bookwork artist and designer. Richard’s research and practice focuses on the role of the designer as author, and self- and small-publishing. Core to this body of work is a focus on the book and the book as object, and in particular to exploring the reflexive and performative properties of the artists’ book as a primary medium for situating multidisciplinary practice.